Career Highlights

2010 - Kaminski makes an appearance on "The Simpsons, 20th Anniversary Special". 
After filming all over the world; Mike had the only performance featured as an imitation segment on the hour-long show.

2000-present: Specialty Voice Talent. . . Mike provides character voices, celebrity imitations and other obscure performances for the Gaming, Commercial, and Film industry.

Produced original sound design upgrades for several popular video games, including a published work for the top hit, "Medal of Honor".

2001-2003: Sound Designer and music scoring/production for WWII video game, "Annihilation".

Created "Parody Central" for the radio industry. A parody production service that quickly became a huge hit with radio stations, everywhere. No full-staffed parody service could come close to what Mike was able to pull off, single-handedly. At this time, local talents, MJ Kelly and Bubba the Love Sponge hired him for some of the market's most provocative moments.

1994: Entered the radio biz as a fill-in talk radio host at 970 WFLA/Tampa, FL. Here he met radio greats such as Eric Chase, Brian James, Ted Web, Bruce Williams and many others.

Professional Voice Talent/Actor.  His original style, incredible range, and professional delivery was immediately recognized by commercial agencies for both on and off camera work.

1988: Produced an answering machine tape called "Telephoneys".  The tape featured pre-recorded celebrity imitation messages. Then a friend convinced him that Florida might be the "New Hollywood".  He moved to Florida and continued his stand-up act and hung out with comics like Jim Bruer, who later went on to Saturday Night Live fame.  Mike soon found that Florida was not advancing to Hollywood status.  The once popular Comedy clubs were closing and he became disillusioned.  "Going on the road" did not appeal to Mike, so he searched for new venues to use his voice talents. He moved into voice-overs. 

1987: Mike entered the Stand-up Comedy arena at Stanford's Comedy House. Incorporating the imitations into his acts, he was an easy crowd pleaser.  To this day, he writes comedy. "I have stacks of notebooks filled with material, written before the, I have word docs that keep building, everyday".

1972-1985: Born in 1966. A few years in school would reveal a new type of Class-Clown, starting in 1972.  Mike was imitating his teachers, friends and popular celebrities. Although his grades were not of an "A-student" level, his comedic sense and timing were developing into that of a classic performer.  His skills quickly grew into a level that could be referred to as  the "comedian's childhood".  Then, moving to Dallas, TX. in 1982-84, Mike found local agent, Robert Burton, who he later exposed as a fraud. Robert soon left the market, with law enforcement hot on his trail.  The greatest work from that association was an "extra" role on the set of "Dallas - The Early Years",  a made for TV movie about the original series.

More about Mike

Mike is a truly unique talent with 20+ years in the multimedia industry and 30+ years of total experience.

World-renowned for his incredible range of voice over styles, Characters and amazingly accurate Celebrity imitations; he also has a comprehensive understanding of nearly every aspect of audio and visual production, from soundtrack scoring to motion picture sound design & visual effects, writing, editing, and conception.  

His knowledge of “what works” is of great interest to many clients. 

Put Mike in front of nearly any Script, Silent Video, or Animation, and trust that he’ll know what voices and sounds are most effective for the job. His mic control is part of his art, with an ability to read to live video like no one you’ll ever experience!  

Straight, Dramatic, Action, Comedic, Sarcastic, or Sincere deliveries. 

He takes direction with precision, and is one of the few talents on the planet who can deliver multiple voices in a singe project without being detected as “the same talent”.  A further testament to his incredible range and skill.

Mike is best known for his Character and Celebrity imitation skills.

We've all heard many other voice talents with demos of characters and imitations that seem to fall far short of their straight read skills.

But Mike's work has that "3rd dimension" of authentic delivery that stands out from the others.  He is a Character actor in the truest sense. 

Mike isn't limited to or reliant upon "Deep Pipes", so his ranges and effectiveness are much more flexible than others.

Additionally, his ability to learn new voices for imitations, characters, singing, or read styles is an invaluable asset. 

Because of Mike's improv skills and odd wit, his ad-libs often present Producers, Writers and Directors with further options.

If accuracy, craftsmanship, and/or real-life, effective deliveries are important to your projects; Mike can give your idea the life you envisioned.