* Samples of Station Promos/Sweeps/ID's *

"This page is dedicated to the very talented producers I work with every day and the creative ways they find to include my voice work in their station imaging to present their listeners with some truly unique audio. One of the first creative producers I met was the great Eric Chase in 1994.Eric and I hit it off right away! What a talent! Immediately, Eric and I created some promos that I'll never forget. But that was only the beginning..."        ~  Mike Kaminski

Below are just a few of the unique promos produced by Mike by Radio Station Creative Talents.
They are phenomenal examples of how to use Mike's voice work within your existing content and Station VO.
Voice lists aside, if you envision a character or Celebrity ... just ask. Mike can likely deliver audio that will work!










 CAUTION: For true creatives only. Usage of Mike Kaminski by non-creatives may cause confusion, media attention and sudden thinking "outside the box"!

Get some Real Attention!