Frequently Asked Questions about the Specialty Voice Over Imaging Service

Q:  What is this service?

A:  This service is an incredibly affordable addition to your existing, VO guy.

Use Mike's creative voice-acting talents of character and celebrity imitations with your regular Voice-Over talent to produce incredible promos, bumpers, ID's and sweeps that were never possible before.  Station reviews, from the Middle East,  Europe, New York to L.A., are absolutely incredible!

Q:  Why is this service so affordable?

A:  Well, this is the key to the service. What Mike can do for your station is powerful and effectrive, so you don't need a lot of it.As long as you're paying for the service, you may continue to air Mike's voices, no matter how old the material. Some stations will retain the service and use it very sparingly. They realize that, at this affordability, it's also a value to maintain play rights of smething so useful. Many call it their secret weapon and want to retain it from the competition in the market.

Q:  How does the service work?

A:  It's easy...Simply send Mike your scripts with any direction you'd like included in your email.

What you'll get back is an MP3 of the best takes on what you ordered based on MIke's years of experience in the Voice-Acting field. Pre-edited to include only your requested voice audio. No coughs, hacks, throat clearing, sneezes, bitching, whining or diatribes you might get from live sessions! ;)  But in'll usually get a few of Mike's ad-libs, based on your copy. Don't forget, Mike is, foremost, a stand-up comedian with a great insight and improv wit. You'll be delighted with his creative additions and, most likely, use some of them to make even more entertaining productions than you ever intended!

Q:  I need a particular sounding voice that I don't think he's done. Can Mike learn any voice?

A:  He cannot do every voice. But if he cannot matrch it exactly, he can usually capture the essence of flavor of what you are trying to deliver. Mike gets many requests for odd voices and /or new characters, all the time.

Q:  How soon can I expect my audio?

A:  Maximum turn-around time is 24 hours. If you specify in your email Subject line that you need it the same day (KXMD - need today), Mike will make the greatest effort to accomodate your request.   Please note: If you make clear that you need something "same day", Mike can probably get it back to you. The reason this is not guaranteed is because of the many  voices that may be asked for and live studio sessions that Mike attends, randomly. Additionally, there are some voices which take more effort to create properly; while others will not require as much work. Another reason may be new requests, vintage voices or specific versions of voices which have to be researched or reviewed prior to production. What Mike does is worlds apart from regular VO guys, who have only one voice style to read with for scripts, all day long. "They've got it easy!"

Q:  Does Mike offer ISDN sessions?

A:   No, not at this rate. This service was designed for stations budgeting an extra Voice, with a main VO person already on the budget. You can trust the top ten markets in the U.S. who say "Mike is an incredible asset!"

Q:  If I have a need, can I use Mike for straight voice-overs in my station audio or is this only for character acting material?

A:  Yes. Mike is one of the most versatile actors in the industry. In addition to premium characters and celebrity imitations, he has many straight-reads and dramatic voices available for you to use.

Q:  What exactly, can I expect to use Mike for?

A:  Anything you need. Really! Let's say you need an urban sounding African American; Mike can do that very realistically. Not so urban? problem!  Now, say you need an Asian sounding person...Mike can give you that. What about an American Joe-blow? fine! You need only to give him a description of what you're looking for. He can accomodate your every need. Funny, sarcastic, serious. Think of it this way...if you had access to many Hollywood actors and their talents, this is how to use the service.
Ask of Mike whatever you need.
Creative radio production has never been more simple or effective! Your competition will wonder how you obtained so many voice talents on your budget; never knowing that it's a single source.

Q:  Are three pages a month enough?

A:  More than enough. Mike is a most formidable talent. The effectiveness, impact and limitless writing possibilities available to you will spice your station's creative broadcast audio exponentially. Not to mention, the effect on your listeners. People will talk of your station's audio, as they do with favorite commercials and movie lines! (Stations can actually get "requests" for  work produced with Mike.) Most valued, is the ability to continue airing Mike's work, while under contract or continued use. This service is, truly, an inexpensive additive that wiull make possible whatever your imagination can think up!

Q:  Do I have to send full pages at a time?

A:  No. Stations benefit from the ability to send one or two lines at a time.Or whatever is needed for their creative ideas. For a single promo, a station may only need a custom line or two from one of Mike's characters, voice-overs or celebrity imitations. It's whatever your needs are!

Q:  Why can't I use Mike's voices for morning show parody bits and phoners?

A:  Mike's voice acting talents are priced only for use in Promos, Sweeps, Rejoins, Bumpers, ID's and the like. Even those rates for imaging are called "too cheap" by many. But providing custom audio for show bits, parodies and live performances like "phoners" is much more demanding and thus more expensive. Additionally, good parodies often end up on show CD's for sale and the talent ends up without compensation.

Shows can greatly benefit from creative rejoins and sweeps, as well as unique contest parts, not to mention, some fantastic promos! A very effective way to do this is to produce a creative promo that airs during the show. It can advertise the show and/or host(s) in a unique way. These can be as topical as the hottest news using current voices and accomplish the entertainment factor of a parody while still being considered a promo. Make sense? If not, please contact Mike or visit the Demos Page for examples.
Because of the specialty of such promo and rejoin work, it is not usually something that a station's creative director/producer will consider or have time for. It is, therefore, recommended that specific show producers be made aware of Mike's availability to them for certain material.