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Videos produced by/with Mike

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  Viral Videos!

George S. Patton Speaks out about Iraq and the Modern World!


(Government Personnel blocked from YouTube, please use this link to view the Patton video!)


Once this hit youtube, it became a worldwide phenomena. It has received millions of views. Once it hit Fox News, the hit counter went crazy! 
Mike has since been interviewed on international radio programs and the video has been played on national news networks.
The emails rolled in from all over the planet from veterans of past wars and soldiers from present conflicts.
It has even been seen in the Situation Room at the White House!
This is an incredibly realistic and passionate performance by Mike as George C. Scott, as George S. Patton! 
Not only does Mike represent George C. Scott's Patton performance and voice; he also wrote and produced this in such a way that I almost believe it's an authentic George C. Scott act. 
The words and facts seem to be those of a historian! 
Over 2 months of writing, producing and editing were needed to create this. 

This is easily one of Mike's most recent "Master-Works". 
There is talk about releasing a Special Edition DVD for sale, with proceeds going to our troops and families of troops. This could be just the support, "from the people", that our troops need!  "Give em what they need and on time!"



Uncensored! George W. curses Ahmadinejad in UN Speech.
GW swears obscenities at Ahmadinejad in his UN speech.
Mike Kaminski makes possible, what we all wanted Bush to say!



This is complete propaganda and many people believed it!
Mike's teenage character, Jason, calls Simon Cowell on the phone and asks about singer, Sanjaya.


Another propaganda parody that sounds very authentic.
Governor, Arnold Scharzenegger speaks out against Paris Hilton's plea for a pardon, during a speech.





Obama wins the Hearts of the KKK

Mike teamed up with Animator, Rich Moyer.
Produced during the 2008 election, this short cartoon of Obama highlights his hokey charisma to win over a KKK man!

Rich is an awesome animator! 
Mike provided the sound design, voices and music tracks. 

This video is Rated "R" for animated nudity, graphic violence and sexual content.
If you're easily offended, please, Do not watch!

Vintage 70's Adult Horror

Another great collaboration between Animator, Rich Moyer and Mike Kaminski!
Produced exclusively for DVD/Blu ray release of the Adult Horror Film "Black Devil Doll" set in the vintage 70's.
3 animations addressing Video Piracy, customized for this film.
Rich did the fantastic animation.
Mike completed the project; adding his unique sound designs, voices and music edits!





These productions are a prime example of how serious, life-like, and authentic Mike can deliver a performance.  Where most talents go for a caricature version or "impression", Mike goes for more realism or "imitation".  


CAUTION: For true creatives only.  Usage of Mike Kaminski by non-creatives may cause confusion, media attention, and sudden thinking "outside-the-box" ! 

  Get some Real attention!

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